About Buf

Buf Reynolds is a women's wear designer, born and raised in Omaha. She has had her hands in the development and growth of Omaha Fashion Week since the very beginning. As a designer, Buf draws inspiration from everything around her. In a world filled with antiques, modern design, fine art, and beautiful people, her designs are bold, classic, elegant, evoke her vision and sense of adventure. 

Buf now serves as VP of Talent and Community Outreach for Omaha Fashion Week. She regularly mentors and volunteers trying to continue building the Omaha Fashion Community.


Buf's designs have evolved over her career from casual everyday clothing to evening gowns with a touch of the avant garde. Living in the middle of the country has not limited Buf's visions, her designs transcend geography. She is filled with vision, drive, and a sense of adventure and her works clearly reflect that.